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Feel Good full of adventure life combined with passive income is like a unicorn...
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"Life is far too short not to enjoy it.
Discover who you truly are, open your mind to new possibilities, travel.
Keep falling in love with yourself, your life and this diverse and exciting world."

Irina Valentino
Mind Wellness Consultant
Freedom, depth & fulfilment
in real lives
Podcast is coming soon
Podcast is coming soon
Podcast is coming soon
The Healing
Power of Travel
Introducing a healthier, happier lifestyle
What if a prescription to a Dream Trip™ is all you need.

In my career as a Mind Wellness Consultant, Hypnotherapist and Neuro-linguistic master practitioner I've listened to over a thousand of people's lives stories and millions of reasons why they are depressed, anxious, sad and unfulfilled. I often find that regular trips to new exciting places could be one of the best ways to help yourself to feel great.

Fitness First
Many travelers stay active while on holidays. Walking, hiking, water sports or even a stroll on the beach is more exercise than you would get sitting behind a desk all day. Also, some people are inspired to get in shape before a vacation so they have a beach-ready body or enough stamina to explore a new city by foot.

Happier is Healthier
There are so many intangible mental benefits of travel. Adventure interrupts our assumptions and habitual patterns to open up new paths to a healthier state of mind. Not only does travel give us the chance to try new foods and engage in new activities, but it also allows us to broaden our worldview and enjoy a renewed zest for life.

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